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HKPPA Limited

HKPPA Limited
HKPPA is a mortgage agency which help you to find out the most suitable mortgage plan from over 30 bankers in Hong Kong. All service are free of charge. For more details , welcome to contact us.
HKPPA is the member of HKRESGA, we provide the most update banker mortgage information to the clients. No matter new mortgage, refinancing or cash-out refinancing, we can choose the most suitable banker and mortgage plan to you. All type of mortgage for private resident, HOS, office , industrial, shop, village house etc.

Over 30 bankers and finance company are our partners.
No service charges for payment for our company. All service are free of charge.
We will provide extra attractive benefit / rewards to our clients.

Need our help on mortgage problems? Want to know more about us? Please contact us immediately. Hope to hearing you soon.
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