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人力資源 中小企商會 工程與製造 採購與供應鏈
會計 行銷企劃 資訊科技 教育
買賣業務/特許經營 媒體/廣告 財務管理/銀行 法律
物流/運輸 書刊/印刷品 電子/電器用品 辦公室設備/布置
禮品/贈品 網頁/設計 辦公室/商鋪租用 商業服務/顧問
中小企創業/支援 商務中心 其他



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Adams Company Limited
Adams provides comprehensive business consulting services to enterprises who want to grow their business in this very competitive and globalized marketplace. We are specialized in Sales & Marketing and Business Development. There are always something that we may help to grow your business.
We are a group of professionals and consultants who have rich experiences in business across industries. With comprehensive services and partner network, we collaborate with our customers to achieve outstanding results and return on investments. With the rise of Internet and mobile technology, we are dedicated and determined to help our customers to reach their potential customers.
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