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Fast And Brilliant HR Group 成立於2014年,專為香港大小企業提供人力資源服務。 ​我們以最短的時間內為客人提供優秀服務,挑選具有相關經驗的員工,滿足客人對員工的要求。
Fast And Brilliant HR Group致力減輕客人的招聘成本及人事成本,讓客人專注自身公司的核心業務發展。

現時客人主要來自香港飲食業, 零售業,保險業,製造業,倉務業,市場推廣等。
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Optimum Talent Database
Optimum Talent Database is a licensed employment agency in Hong Kong approved by the Labour Department of HKSAR
Optimum Talent Database is a licensed employment agency in Hong Kong approved by the Labour Department of HKSAR. Since our inception in 2010, Optimum Talent Database had grown rapidly to be among one of the leading employment agencies in Hong Kong - a growth attributable to our prompt response to ever-changing market needs and our clientele first approach.

Any form of recruiting tasks and activities such as permanent placement, executive search, temporary & outsourcing recruitment will be outside your main business functions. It is taking away resources from your business operations. Companies should focus on their core business and leave their recruitment to us. Why? Simply because our business is recruitment. We do recruitment everyday !

Our job agency has gained the trust and respect of top corporate businesses in the region by corresponding talented individuals with enhancing job opportunities in varieties of fields. Our depth of experiences in the Hong Kong jobs market gives us the ability to better understand their needs and locate the most suitable individuals - not only fill their vacancies but also provide a range of related services to optimise performance.

If your organisation is extremely concerned about scaling down expenditures and saving lost of calendar time, basically the best assertive choice of job placement hiring is to utilize our smooth, hassle-free and efficient staffing services. For any of your specific hiring needs, please fill up or staffing request form here or contact us directly.
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