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IMC Holdings Limited
本公司的業務為不同的企業客戶提供創新的3D VR Scanning (鐳射立體掃描) 拍攝服務、航空拍攝製作等。
本公司的業務為香港、中國甚至亞太區的客戶提供創新的3D VR Scanning (鐳射立體掃描) 拍攝服務、航空拍攝製作等,專注為客戶提供最佳的服務質素及互動體驗。作為香港其中一間領先的虛擬實境拍攝及製作服務公司,本公司提供最全面的市場分析,創意規劃和數位營銷計劃,致力為客戶作出不同的企業方案。
Tech-One Systems Limited
Tech-One is an information technology services consultant based in Hong Kong, which provides hardware, software, services and solutions to enable its client to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational and organizational benefits. It is Tech-One's goal to enable to be more responsive, productive and resilient through business technologies.
Tech-One focuses on companies ranging from SME to multi-national sized enterprise throughout Hong Kong and is striving for the market leader in areas of IT consulting, network architecture, backup and storage services, security and management solution to technical support services. As a total solution provider, we serve our customers with the most reliable products and high-quality technical support to assist them in navigating through IT issue and opportunities.
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