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Since 1985, Garment Supplier.
UNO Fashion Group, Wholesale and Retailer.
We are purchasing agent to help overseas buyers to source goods from Taobao/China. We offer various value-added services e.g. (i) catalogue creation, (ii) sourcing, (iii) order fulfilment, (iv) QC, (v) repacking and (vi) dropship service and many more tailor-made to different businesses.
Obook have unique operations strategy to focus on customer's service. The in-house developed ordering system enhance our merchandising professionals to interact with customers efficiently, the ordering process will be (i) more accurate/timely, (ii) tailered to individual circumstance and (iii) handled with personal attention.

Obook works in a highly flexible/efficient way and creates custom solutions to unique wholesale requirements. This lead to business opportunities for retail/internet stores around the world. We do have dropship services which will simplify our partners’ workloads.

Being one of the reputable agent, we are honoured to be interviewed by China International Business ("CIB"), China Daily Asia/European Weekly Magazine ("CDAW", "CDEW"), details as per below:

CDEW in 31 Oct 2014 release: "The weird world of Taobao"

CDAW in 31 Oct 2014 release: "The weird world of Taobao", "Come one, come all to ecommerce haven"

CIB magazine May 2010 release: "E-commerce Evolution"
Cobelco Industrial Supplies Ltd
COBELCO is a stainless steel professional founded at 1998 to supply decorative stainless steel sheet and elevator parts to all over the world with around 560 employees.
Cobelco Office located in Hong Kong and has a factory located in Guangzhou occupy an area of 450,000 sqft and producing over 60000 sheets per year with modern facilitates to process different type of materials including the stainless steel, stone, wood etc. Our main products were Decorative Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Metal Mesh, Elevator Decoration and Decorative Film. COBELCO has experienced export team, great sourcing network and the ability for tailor made metal sheet pattern and size as per customer’s need.
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